is a travelling platform where activists, makers and shapers gather to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas

on tackling challenges, and improving the quality of life, in cities around the world.

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About DesignCommons

Design Commons is a statement of action. It is forum for critical and fresh thinking around finding localised solutions for global issues affecting our cities.

The event is aimed at the design community and local stakeholders from around the world who want to have a positive impact in their cities using design as a starting block for building lasting solutions.

Our bespoke conference provides a once-off experience where leading thinkers and doers will be together in one space. No podiums. No stages. Just a common ground, missed in with inspiration as well as a common goal of creating better cities.

Inspired by Helsinki Design week’s theme, ‘Q&A’, a reshuffling of the traditional format, Design Commons will be lead by thoughtful, piercing discussions on the agenda of the day interjected by meaningful discussion sessions among peers.

A ticket to Design Commons is not a conference ticket: it is access to an inspirational evening of discussion and the potential to meet future collaborators. It is a think-tank where questions are answered and ideas are conceptualised with some of the greatest thinkers in the design world.

Inspired by Design Indaba